Prophet Johan’s Bio

Meet Prophet Johan van Wyk:

Pastor JohanFor the first few years of his life, Johan grew up in a parsonage as his father was a Dutch Reformed minister. His parents nicknamed him “Cowboy” and he lived up to his name, believing that he was born to be wild.

While at school he played first team Rugby and did well in athletics and tennis. After he left school he rebelled and moved to Hillbrow where he roamed the streets, spending most of his time in the discotheques.

He joined the Barbarians, a motor cycle gang, where he lived his life in an ungodly way.

In 1981 he got saved and got baptized by the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking with tongues, he fell in love with Jesus. Immediately he started evangelizing, doing deliverance and getting people filled with the Holy Spirit.

In 1991 to 1992 he finished two years of his bible school at Rhema Bible Training Centre. He was ordained as an IFCC minister.

He started a church called WORLD OUTREACH CENTRE in Westdene which developed into a ministry.

He ministered in Boksburg Maximum Security prison for two years, as well as in the townships like Soweto, Alexandria, Diepsloot, Gazankulu, Venda, Durban, Ladysmith, Cape Town and many other places in South Africa.

Johan also ministered in some other places around Africa and in other parts of the world like in America, Swaziland, Nigeria Botswana, Tanzania and Zimbabwe. In 1998 he got married to Marinda who originates from Cape Town.

He continues his ministry passionately teaching the Word of God and building the Kingdom of Jesus.

Meet Prophet’s wife, Marinda van Wyk:

Marinda Van Wyk originates from Cape Town. She was born again in 1981. After her school she decided to spend her academia where she obtained her Bcomm. She went on to do the honors and obtained her Mcomm cum laude. She started her career as a training and development specialist, moved to Johannesburg where she did her doctorate in industrial psychology.

During the year 2000 – 2001 she completed the Diploma in Christian Counseling at Rhema Bible School and then taught at Rhema healing school. In 1998 she got married to Johan Van Wyk.