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kingdom bible School

Our Free Kingdom Bible School Every Wednesday nights @ 92 Albert Street.

Please feel free to visit the following link for the free teachings on the kingdom : https://www.facebook.com/groups/kingdom.bible.school/

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92 Albert Road
Weltevreden Park
South Africa

+27(0) 11 675-2681
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Email: jvw@solidrock.org.za

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  • To,
    Dear Beloved Pst Johan Van Wyk
    Greetings in Jesus precious and Holy name.
    We invite you to india chennai for a great meetings with us. We are based in chennai.
    Gospel is needed here we can join hands and make the father will happen.
    Blessings ,

    Yours lovingly,
    Pst Jabez

  • Our business is not about pronivg miracles; it’s to help people’. Apostle Paul and Jesus agrees with this approach contrary to what you thought. You seem to be educated yet you couldn’t decipher the coded message in this clause. Knowing some verses in the Bible does not equate to understanding the Holy Spirit’s intepretation i.e. head knowledge is different from Spirit knowledge. Johan runs a church not a medical laboratory or a scientific research centre of sort. Have you forgotten the ten lepers? Jesus told them to go to the high priest and perform the sacrifices of Moses. The high priest was the one appointed and anointed to test and prove the reality of such healings over the years. You have the medical centres, hospitals, laboratories, etc who initially tested and issued the reports concluding these people had these ailments. Johan did not declare these people sick, he declared them healed contrary to the doctors reports, therefore, the doctors are the ones to prove Johan and God wrong. Johan says, the crutches, walking sticks, etc are available in his church. But you will doubt these, therefore, take these testifiers to the doctors who issued the reports and let them re-examine these people. What else do you want him to say. You cited a case of Jack Coe, if Johan had said otherwise, you would have accused him of claiming to be a doctor or practising medicine without any medical training and or certification. You also cited Thomas (Bible one of the disciples of Jesus), who wanted a physical proof. Johan has given you both physical and spiritual proves. If South Africa decides to crack down on healing ads, it wouldn’t be surprising because it has already removed morals from the schools and the gay bill also supports Romans 1 verses 16 to 32 (Please read).Go to Solid Rock yourself, corner one of the testifiers and ask pertinent questions while simultaneously congratulating or appearing to be congratulating him/her- a kind of mystery shopping. For the Advertising Standards Authority, they have never been able to curb the influx of dirty adverts all over the roads even when they have enabling legislation. So they look for a cheaper sparing partner who would not take them to court but leave everything to God and the church becomes a victim. Has the ASA been able to contest against the advertisement of naked girls and alcohol outdoors or in community newspapers? PicknPay, Checkers, Spar, etc all advertise alcohol almost every week in community newspapers but the ASA turns a blind eye. Illegal and irregular billboards are strewned everywhere even to the extreme detriment of the general public but the ASA does nothing. Fake schools issuing empty certificates are advertising and are really ripping off poor people, where is the ASA? Fake products are advertised and sold everywhere, the ASA keeps mume. Nestle sales adulterated, expired milk concentrates in South Africa even Nigeria who is seen as rotten checked them, ASA is not acting. Expired chicken is re-chlorinated, advertised and sold to poor black people, the ASA doesn’t act. This ASA is either racist in some form or is totally blind with lack of any meaningful vision (haters of anything good). Mark Byron, thanks. Solid Rock does not sell miracles. There are no consultation cards or fees. The church depends solely on free will offerings with a litle proceed from books, tapes, etc from many churches.Bryan, do you mean western christians are also lukewarm? I thought it was an African Christian problem. Please pray for the believers.Luna, you are right. The crutches, medical reports and the current state of the people involved are more than enough prove for even the devil.I am quit aware that some pastors fell in the past but so far, Johan is still good. Therefore, he needs your good prayers not computerised crucifixion. MIRACLES ARE REAL AND I BELIEVE IN THEM.

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