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92 Albert Street

Saturdays - 6-00pm
Sundays - 9:30am

kingdom bible School

Our Free Kingdom Bible School Every Wednesday nights @ 92 Albert Street.

Please feel free to visit the following link for the free teachings on the kingdom : https://www.facebook.com/groups/kingdom.bible.school/

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Physical Address:

92 Albert Road
Weltevreden Park
South Africa

+27(0) 11 675-2681
+27(0) 76 586-8680
Email: jvw@solidrock.org.za



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  • Wow, where do I begin. We have an amazing God. A God that loves us so much that He sent His only beeottgn Son to die in our place. Upon belief, what was once red as scarlet has been made white as snow all because of what He did on the cross. When God looks at me, He sees His Son in all righteousness. Wow! The Lord delivered me from a drug addiction over 20 years ago. An addiction that robbed me of all I held dear family, job, everything I had worked so hard to obtain. But, our God is a God of restoration I cried out to Him one night and He started lifting me up out of the dark lost state that I was in little by little. It didn’t happen over night for me there was so much guilt and shame that I had to come face to face with that only He could deliver me from. I can tell you, I finally figured out what He wanted, and that was to seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and all other things would be added according to His will. Seeking His kingdom meant learning who He is, and that was through how he speaks to us best His Word, the Holy Bible. Since realizing this, my life hasn’t been the same .. there is a new found hope that lives within me. and is available to all who seek Him diligently. God bless, Alicia

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