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kingdom bible School

Our Free Kingdom Bible School Every Wednesday nights @ 92 Albert Street.

Please feel free to visit the following link for the free teachings on the kingdom : https://www.facebook.com/groups/kingdom.bible.school/

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South Africa

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Email: jvw@solidrock.org.za

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Prophecy For Solidrock Church September 2011


Solid Rock will suddenly explode! Nations will flow to Solid Rock to experience the revival. Millions will be influenced by the power by the power of the gospel and the name of Jesus will be lifted up high all across the world.


The Lord will work in a powerful way. Millions will get saved and repent from their sins, people will be baptised in every service. Lame people will get out of wheelchairs, blind eyes and deaf ears will open. Cripples will walk and throw their crutches away, limps will grow out, lumps will supernaturally disappear. Fat will disappear, wrinkles will disappear and hair will grow back.


Supernatural manifestations of money, gold, rubies, gemstones, diamonds, clouds, smoke and angels will appear. Ambulances will bring people from hospitals who will get healed and who will be raised up.


A huge building will be erected next to the highway and everything will be paid without any credit. People will be caught up in dreams and visions, translations and levitations will take place.


Dr Marinda and Ps Johan will be honoured in all the world. There will not be enough room in the building and some will not be able to enter until Solid Rock Church moves to an enclosed stadium. The kingdom of God will be mightily impacted by Solid Rock Church.


And all this will happen without man-made plans and programs, and without any manipulation or compromise.




You Can order some CD’s with sermons and Books by Pastor Johan Van Wyk  on from our Bookshop.


Testimony 1

The service was sooooooo Wow! While I was laying under the anointing I felt how the Lord was busy with my mouth. He touched my mouth the whole time and it was the most peace I ever felt in my whole life!   Wow Ps Johan, praise the Lord! I will never forget the days we spent with Solid Rock, we could see the power of God working wonders.I thank God for the anointing in your life.   Whenever my heart is heavy, I just go to Solid Rock and get healed under that awesome anointed..

On Sunday morning we prayed for Mike who had a malicious spot / mole on his eyelid. This morning it is gone! I saw Mike tonight! The malicious spot on his eyelid is completely gone after we prayed for him on Sunday morning and he is still walking without crutches! AWESOME!   Praise God!

He is miraculously healing me. I exercise, walk and do things I could not do for the last 4 years! The last 2 nights I can read teaching notes and prints on tv without spectacles! I can also read my Bible! Thank you Ps J, when u released healing anointing from God through your sms, I got up and did what I could not do before and I did this all the days following! My son marvels at the change in me! – Angela   Thank you Johan you are a great inspiration.

It is now 10 days that I can breathe normally and that I know if Jesus heals you, you will be healed!

I had cancer- Past J prayed 4 me. Guess what? GONE! The drs couldn’t blieve it.

Was in a bad car acc. Had back pain/problems daily 4 18years. Drs said I’…ll b in a wheelchr @ age 30. Guess what? Past prayed, I turn 40 this yr- NO pain, NO problems! Not enough?

I took 2 Blind people 2 church. Guess what? They can c clearly!!! U R Foolish people. Just BELIEVE! Believe HIS Word! Glory 2 GOD!!! I know I’m in the right church with a GOD given Past. Bless U Past! – Carmen

Alma Bosch June 6 at 9:11pm Report I went to the bank to deposit my tithe to Solid Rock. When I got home from the bank someone have deposited money in my account, exactly double what I tithed!

I would like to testify to the following. We joined Solid Rock Church at the beginning of this year. We have always been tithing and upon joining Solid Rock started tithing at the church and have seen financial breakthrough ever since. We have had a legal dispute since 2008 with a large company. We were schedule…d for court this week to resolve the dispute. We received a negative report from our lawyer after the judge was appointed, as this judge is known to be bias. I asked Pastor Johan van Wyk to pray for us. We received good news yesterday that we won the case and also received reimbursement for our legal cost. Praise God!   Since tithing at Solid Rock we have picked up 1 big contract and we are in the process of closing negotiations on another contract. Our monthly service income has increased with +- 15% since joining Solid Rock Church and tithing there. Praise God!   Thanks for your support at Solid Rock Church!

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This church is on the cutting edge of where the Holy Spirit is leading and in what the Lord expects from the Final Christ generation.

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